Our Services

Instrument Repair

When you have an instruments issue, it’s important to have a company that you can trust to be there for you and to fix the issue quickly. With Service Contracts or Time of Materials’ expert service guarantees, you can rest assured that not only will we will be there when we say we will but we will get the repair done right, efficiently, and at the price quoted.

Lab Tech Support

Our in-house repair department uses state of the art equipment to repair electronic modules, turbo molecular pumps, and roughing pumps, along with many other services not listed:

  • Turbo Pumps Repairs
  • Controller Repairs
  • Roughing Pump Repairs
  • Power Supply Repairs
  • Electronic Modules Repair
  • Instrument Refurbishment
  • PM Kits
  • Source Rebuilding
  • Filters
  • Seals

The bottom line of choosing Lab Tech Support is exceptional value. From preventative maintenance to emergency repair service, and our full range of service plans, Lab Tech Support commits to maximizing your machine uptime, and providing you with the best overall value.

We have the service engineers and the tools to fix your instruments problem no matter where you are located in USA, Canada, and Europe.

Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (800) 711-3235!